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Viewing Videos

How do I view videos in full screen?

To view videos in full screen, click the full screen icon at the bottom right corner of the video player window.

How do I exit full screen?

To exit full screen mode, press the escape (Esc) button on your keyboard.

What do I need on my computer to view videos on

To watch videos, you must have javascript enabled in your internet browser and also must have Adobe Flash Player 9 installed on your computer.  For more information on enabling javascript, go here.  For more information on getting the Adobe Flash player, go here

When I go to the home page, there is a notice that says “NO VIDEO?” What do I do?

For instructions on how to enable Javascript in a specific browser, click on one of the links below:
Mozilla Firefox 2
Apple Safari
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7

What is Adobe Flash Player and where do I go to get the Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is a program required to view most videos online.  Most computers come with it installed, but may not have the most recent version. Go to and follow the download instructions to get the newest version of Flash. You must have Flash 9 or above installed to watch videos on

Can I download videos or other media to watch later?

At this point, none of the videos are downloadable either to your computer or to portable devices, such as phones or video ipods. Functionality will be added shortly to download selected videos. When uploading videos, users will be given the “option” of allowing their videos to be downloaded or not.

Videos won’t play, what’s wrong?

If you’ve already downloaded the most recent version of Flash and you’ve made sure that javascript is enabled in your browser, here are a couple of other things to check:

  1. Make sure any internet acceleration software is disabled—it typically blocks video.
  2. Exclude from your security software (like lists of blocked senders, etc.)

Can I save videos to watch later?

As with any web page, you can bookmark a particular video web page on and link directly to it again in the future.  On, registered users on the site have the ability to conveniently maintain their own special list of “Favorite videos” – accessible in a private area right on the site.  Just click on the “My Favorites” tab in your account and all of your favorites will be listed there to play. 

Can I embed videos from on my site?

Yes you can! On any video detail page (/detail/vid-name/), simply click on the link / embed icon below the description, and you will see an area pop open below with the URL you need to link to this video detail page, as well as the TAGS you need to embed this video on your own web page.

Embedding allows you to place any ThisIsBozeman video (player and all) just about anywhere on the web! For example, you can place a video on your own website, or your blog, or your favorite social networking site. Basically, you can upload a video to and serve it from your own web page, just as though you were hosting it from your own site.

To copy either of these text boxes (the first containing the link URL, or the second containing the embed TAGS), simply click anywhere inside the box, and press CTRL-A (the key together with the A key), this will highlight all of the text in the box. Now press CTRL-C (or select Copy from the Edit menu) and your set to past the text (link or embed) wherever you would like.

I'm on an older computer. What can I do to help smooth out video playback?

On older computers with a slower processor and/or less than 128 MB VRAM (RAM in the video card itself), Flash may run slowly. Try right-clicking on the Flash video player when watching a video and choosing “Settings” from the contextual menu. Then, un-check the box for “Enable hardware acceleration.” This will force the Flash video player to go into software mode, using the processor instead of the video card, and should help smooth out video playback. Nonetheless, for the best and smoothest video watching experience, you may need to upgrade your computer.